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The popularity of play to earn crypto games has been increasing rapidly as it offers gamers an excellent opportunity to make money while having fun. As we head into 2023, we expect this trend to become even more popular, with more people looking for exciting and profitable cryptocurrency games to play.

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This is where World War comes in. World War is a browser-based strategy game that's built on the blockchain, where players can earn free cryptocurrency while enjoying the game. If you're a fan of strategy games, and you're looking for a new way to earn crypto online, World War is worth checking out.

Crypto Games Play to Earn

World War: A Crypto Game to Earn Big Rewards Online

The future of crypto games is bright, and we expect to see more games like World War pop up in 2023 and beyond. As more people adopt cryptocurrency and look for ways to make money online, we'll see a significant uptick in the number of play to earn crypto games available on the market.

One of the best things about World War is that players can earn cryptocurrency playing games for free. There are no hidden fees or costs, and players can start earning rewards as soon as they begin playing. The game's rewards are based on the value of WWI, which can fluctuate depending on market conditions.

Overall, World War is an exciting and rewarding game that's perfect for anyone interested in crypto games play to earn. Its straightforward gameplay, rewards program, and strong user base make it an excellent choice for gamers looking to make money while having fun. So why not give it a try today and start earning crypto playing games!

As with any cryptocurrency investment, players should exercise caution when purchasing or trading WWI. However, with over 14,000 active players and growing, it's clear that World War has struck a chord with gamers looking to earn crypto online.

Crypto Games 2023

World War is a prime example of how crypto games play to earn can provide gamers with a new way to make money online. With World War, players can earn crypto by buying and building their armies and then sending them into battle against others. The game is straightforward to play, and the rewards for winning battles can be substantial.

The gameplay itself is relatively straightforward. Players start by building up their armies, training soldiers, and acquiring weapons. Once they have built a decent army, players can then engage in battles with other players. The game also features a political system where players can run for office, vote, and perform other governance-related activities that impact the game's overall flow.

Earn Crypto Free While Having Fun

To get started with World War, players must have a MetaMask wallet installed. This is a browser extension that allows users to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The game requires players to deposit some Ethereum into their MetaMask wallet before they can start playing. This ensures that all players have some skin in the game and also serves as a way to prevent fraudulent activity.

Games like World War are an excellent way for people to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while having fun. They provide a low-risk way to get started in the crypto world and offer plenty of opportunities to earn rewards along the way.


World War operates using a cryptocurrency called WWI, which players can trade on various exchanges, including Coinsbit, Probit, LBank, and BitForex. The developers behind World War have also created a marketplace where players can buy and sell virtual goods, including weapons, vehicles, and housing. It's worth noting that all trades take place on the blockchain, so players don't have to worry about any fraudulent activity.

How Does World War Work?