Players begin with two territories, and the objective is to conquer as many territories as possible to earn rewards and outwit other players. To conquer territories, players select a territory they want to initiate an attack on and choose the number of troops they want to use in the battle. The higher the number of troops, the higher the chance of winning. Battles can last for several rounds, and the winner is the player with the most troops left at the end of the battle.

Earn Rewards by Playing World War

Players will need to log in to their Metamask wallet to view their rewards or transfer them to other wallets. Metamask is free to use and takes a small fee for transfers. You can learn more about how to make money from Metamask by visiting their website.


The game runs on a Crypto Game Website called and offers players a chance to earn crypto free from the comfort of their homes. Players across the globe can participate in battles between empires and devise strategies to conquer various territories and earn rewards for their efforts. The game is both exciting and immersive, and players can easily get lost in the simulation for hours.

How to Play World War Game

In recent years, the crypto world has been offering innovative ways to earn rewards simply by playing games online through Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology. Play to earn crypto games have become a new paradigm in the online gaming world, and the trend is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. In 2023, it is estimated that the play to earn games industry will grow to $30 billion, providing gamers with an exciting way to earn crypto rewards. One of the most popular games in this new niche is World War.

World War offers players an exciting opportunity to earn crypto by playing an exciting turn-based strategy game. With the support of blockchain and Metamask, the game offers a secure and transparent platform where players can earn crypto while having fun. As play to earn crypto games continue to grow in popularity, World War is set to be at the forefront for years to come.

The concept of World War is quite simple. Players have to choose one of the empires in the world and conquer different territories to advance up the ranks of the game. The empires available in the game include the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, and China. Once players select their empire, they can then choose one of the maps on which to fight.

The game's use of blockchain technology ensures that each battle and win is accurately recorded, giving players a sense of security and the ability to earn cryptocurrency. The game also uses Metamask, a browser extension that allows players to interact with the Ethereum blockchain seamlessly.

How Does World War Work?

The game is turn-based, which means that each player takes turns to conquer territories. Players can earn crypto playing games by winning battles, and the rewards increase with each win. The higher the number of territories conquered, the more the rewards.

So, get ready to participate in thrilling battles, devise strategies, and make some extra cash online through World War.

To start playing World War, players have to register on the website and link their Metamask wallet. Your progress in the game is linked to your Metamask address, so ensure you keep your wallet safe and secure. Once your wallet is linked, you can choose your empire and select your map of choice to start playing.

World War is a turn-based strategy game, combining the mechanics of the popular “Risk” board game and the romance of a battle across the globe. Created on the Ethereum blockchain, it utilizes Metamask wallet, one of the most popular wallets for storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrencies.

World War is a play to earn crypto game, which means players can earn cryptocurrency rewards by scoring victories in battles. The rewards come in the form of Ether (ETH), which has real-world value and can be sold for fiat currency. The game allows players to earn crypto online and interact with the Ethereum blockchain in a fun and safe way.

World War – A Thrilling Play to Earn Crypto Game