How Does MetaMask Make Money with World War: The Play to Earn Crypto Game?


The world of gaming has changed, and it continues to evolve through blockchain technology. Play to earn crypto games has become the latest trend, where players can earn crypto by playing games at their convenience. One of the popular crypto games that stand out is World War. It is a blockchain-based game that offers players an opportunity to earn crypto for participating in battles. In this article, we will dive into World War and explain how you can earn crypto free by playing this game. We will also explore how MetaMask, a popular browser extension, makes money from this game. Let's get started!

What is World War?

World War is a play to earn game that allows players to participate in battles with other players around the world. The game's objective is to build your army, form alliances, and conquer territories to earn rewards. You can choose to play solo battles or join clan wars with your in-game allies. World War is also a blockchain game built on the Ethereum network. This means that the game's assets, including tokens, are stored on the blockchain, providing players with true ownership. Players can trade their tokens in the game with other players or even outside the game on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Earning Crypto by Playing World War

World War allows players to earn crypto through various gameplay actions. These include:
  • Earning WWI tokens by winning battles or completing in-game missions
  • Trading WWI tokens in the game's marketplace for other assets
  • Staking WWI tokens to earn rewards through the game's staking program
By participating in battles and missions, players can earn WWI tokens that they can then trade for other assets. Players can also stake their WWI tokens in the game's staking program to earn rewards.

MetaMask and World War

MetaMask is a browser extension that allows users to interact with the Ethereum blockchain easily. It is a popular wallet that enables users to store, send, and receive Ether (ETH) and other Ethereum-based tokens. World War is integrated with MetaMask, allowing players to connect their MetaMask wallet and start earning crypto. MetaMask earns money by charging transaction fees for sending transactions on the Ethereum network. When players stake their WWI tokens, they are essentially sending a transaction on the Ethereum network, and MetaMask earns fees for processing this transaction.

Earning Rewards through MetaMask

MetaMask also offers players a chance to earn rewards through its Earn feature. This feature allows users to participate in various blockchain-based applications and earn tokens for completing tasks. Players can earn rewards through the MetaMask Earn feature by participating in various blockchain-based games, including World War. By completing tasks within the game, players can earn tokens that they can then trade for other assets or use within the game.

The Future of Crypto Games

The future of crypto games looks promising, with the play to earn games gaining popularity by the day. The growth potential for earning crypto while playing games is huge, and experts predict that play to earn games will continue to grow and expand in 2023 and beyond. Crypto games offer players an opportunity to earn crypto and other digital assets through gameplay. With the integration of MetaMask, players can easily access and manage their crypto assets while playing these games.

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