Metamask is not just a tool for playing blockchain games. It's also a way to earn money by participating in various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. DeFi protocols enable users to earn interest on their crypto assets, borrow and lend tokens, and swap tokens without the need for intermediaries.

To play World War and earn crypto, you'll need to have an Ethereum wallet and Metamask installed on your browser. Metamask is a browser extension that allows you to sign transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

The game's currency is called WAR tokens, which are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. You can trade these tokens on crypto exchanges or hold on to them as a long-term investment.

Why Play to Earn Games Will Be Big in 2023

Here's how to get started:

  1. Go to the World War website at
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallet and Metamask to the game
  3. Create your account and choose your country
  4. Start building your forces, gathering resources, and conquering territories
  5. Earn rewards in the form of crypto tokens as you progress in the game

How Does World War Pay You Crypto Tokens?

World War is a browser game that is played on the Ethereum blockchain. It's a strategy game that simulates historical events from World War II. Players can choose to play as any of the participating countries: United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Japan, and Italy.

If you're a fan of strategy war games, you might want to check out World War, a blockchain-based game where you can earn crypto free. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this game and how you can make money from it.

What is World War?

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How to Earn Crypto Playing World War

One way to make money from Metamask is by staking your tokens in a liquidity pool. Liquidity pools are used in DeFi platforms to facilitate decentralized trading. By staking your tokens in a pool, you provide liquidity to the platform and earn a portion of the trading fees.

Whether you're a gamer, investor, or blockchain enthusiast, World War and Metamask are worth exploring as you look for ways to earn crypto free. Try them out today and see how far you can go!

World War pays you crypto tokens for your in-game achievements. The rewards are based on the number of territories you control, the amount of resources you've gathered, and the level of your structures.

Moreover, Metamask is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to participate in the growing ecosystem of decentralized finance. You can use it to play more blockchain games, stake your tokens in liquidity pools, or participate in yield farming.

World War is an exciting game that offers a new way to earn crypto tokens. By playing this game, you can test your strategic skills, learn more about blockchain technology, and potentially earn money while having fun.

Another reason is the increasing interest in blockchain technology and its potential to disrupt various industries. Blockchain-based games offer a decentralized and transparent platform for gaming, which can attract players who value fairness and security.

How to Make Money from Metamask

Are you looking for ways to earn crypto online? The rise of the blockchain technology has paved the way for innovative gaming platforms that allow you to play to earn crypto games. This is good news for gamers who want to explore new ways to earn money while enjoying their favorite pastime.

The objective of the game is to conquer and defend territories, gather resources, build structures, and form alliances with other players. The more territories you control, the higher your chances of earning rewards in the form of crypto tokens.

How to Play World War and Earn Crypto

Another way to make money from Metamask is by participating in yield farming. Yield farming involves providing liquidity to multiple DeFi platforms in exchange for rewards in the form of crypto tokens. Yield farmers use strategies to maximize their rewards, such as swapping tokens for high-yielding assets or leveraging their positions.


Play to earn games are gaining traction among gamers and investors alike. One reason for this is the potential for a new market of gamers who are looking for ways to monetize their gaming skills. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global online gaming market is projected to reach $257.9 billion by 2025.