Crypto gaming is a budding sector with various opportunities for people, and Play-to-Earn Crypto gaming is an excellent choice for those looking to make money in a fun and exciting way. World War is a Play-to-Earn Crypto game that rewards players for their in-game performance, unlocking the opportunity to earn free cryptocurrency. 

World War: A Crypto Game That Lets You Play to Earn

MetaMask provides a free Ethereum wallet service to all its users. So, how does MetaMask make money? MetaMask earns a commission from the dApps that use MetaMask and the exchanges that process transactions. The wallet custody service earns a percentage of the transaction fee, which is typically between 0.3% and 0.5% of the transaction value. Additionally, MetaMask also offers a feature that allows users to swap cryptocurrencies within the wallet. MetaMask takes a small percentage of the transaction as commission for providing this service.


MetaMask is a popular browser extension wallet that enables users to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It is a decentralized wallet that users can use to store Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens. Additionally, developers like World War use MetaMask to add secure user authentication to their games. 

How Does MetaMask Make and Earn Money?

Crypto games like World War develop their own in-game currency, which can be converted to cryptocurrency like Ethereum and used outside of the game. So, while playing World War, players are earning cryptocurrency they can use in other areas of their digital life.

World War: A Crypto Game to Earn Free Crypto

The World War game is a popular title in the Play-to-Earn Crypto games niche. It is a multiplayer game on the Ethereum blockchain that rewards players for performing various tasks like training soldiers, acquiring resources, researching new technologies, and engaging in battles.

As more gaming enthusiasts discover the benefits of Play-to-Earn Crypto games, the market will continue to thrive. World War is just one of many examples of the possibilities that lie within this emerging sector. Sign up for World War today through this link and join the growing number of gamers earning crypto through their passion for gaming.

The era of online gaming is taking a new turn as gaming enthusiasts can finally earn a steady stream of income by combining their passion for gaming and cryptocurrency. This new sector of gaming is popularly known as Play-to-Earn Crypto games, and it is taking the online gaming industry by storm.

World War is a game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency while playing for free. Unlike other blockchain games that require large sums of money to begin playing, World War is open to anyone. All players need is to have a MetaMask wallet, which allows them to store their earned cryptocurrency. Once players complete in-game tasks or win battles, the rewards are instantly credited to their MetaMask wallet. The earned cryptocurrency can then be used to purchase game items or trade on exchanges.

With the gaming industry projected to reach $200 billion by 2023, the Play-to-Earn trend is a welcome development for those who seek new opportunities to earn crypto. World War is one of the many Play-to-Earn Crypto games that provides gamers with new ways to earn, both in-game and in real life. By tracking a gamer's progress based on how much they play, World War offers the chance to earn crypto while enjoying the thrill of the game.

Earning Crypto Through Play to Earn Games

With the growing popularity of Play-to-Earn Crypto games, more players are discovering they can earn free crypto without much hassle. The freedom and flexibility of Play-to-Earn Crypto games mean that players can earn crypto without any initial investment. Instead, players are rewarded in crypto based on their in-game progress. This offers users a convenient way to earn without having to trade on exchanges or incur any fees.